Renting Services

To ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction, Al FARIS RENT A CAR manages a huge fleet of modern, variable, reliable cars that can meet the needs of all customers. Al FARIS’ fleet ranges from small economic cars and medium and large sedans to luxury cars and family / four-wheel drive cars, all offered in competitive packages and affordable prices with the possibility to pay on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In order to meet the various needs and requirements of our dear customers, whether they are looking for short-term car renting services (for individuals and corporates) or long-term car renting services (for corporates, sole proprietorships, or governmental sector), Al FARIS RENT A CAR established several specialized departments to provide high quality services so that highest levels of customer satisfaction and retention can be ensured. Our services include:



Car Renting Services

The Car Renting Department takes care of the corporate customers by offering competitive rates and excellent customer service through highly efficient staff. This department ensures to fulfill the needs of corporates whether professional or personal, so our well-trained and specialized team is fully ready to provide the service you aspire.

Long-term Car Renting Services for Corporates

If you want to rent a car for a long-term period within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then Al FARIS RENT A CAR is your best destination. Al FARIS offers long-term car renting services for companies operating in all types of business, and allow them to select the appropriate car for the required period at monthly rates, all available in competitive prices that suit all sizes of companies.

Our Added Values


24-hour mobile maintenance services

In pursuit of providing our customers with best services ever, we were keen to build a well-trained and highly qualified team that can provide our customers with the support they need. AL FARIS RENT A CAR is proud to provide its customers with 24/7 support service on the road, and this service is regarded as one of its most important services. Special vehicles are equipped to be mobile workshops ready for immediate and rapid intervention for helping customers. These vehicles provide the following services:

To recharge the car battery if it is empty

Pull the car in case of complete failure and replace it with another one

Intervention and support services in cases of accidents.

Comprehensive Insurance Service

AL FARIS RENT A CAR provides a comprehensive coverage for insured cars, including third-party liability and cases of loss or damage to private cars as a result of accidents, theft, or fire, in accordance with the conditions and exceptions set forth in the insurance policy, while taking into consideration the following:

The insurance covers all cases of loss and damage to the insured car, resulting from accidents, which is not limited to certain or specified cases of loss and damages.

The insurance may cover the losses resulting from the theft of the car, either wholly or partially, in addition to the losses resulting from cases of fire.

The insurance provides free coverage for losses resulting from cold weather, torrents, and other natural disasters, except for sand storms.



Flexible Renting and Delivery

In order to provide our customers with more comfort and flexibility, AL FARIS RENT A CAR provides you the possibility to rent a car from one branch and return it to another within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Car Replacement Service

Are you bored of your car that you rented a while ago? Do you think it is not working properly? Just visit any of Al FARIS branches, replace your car with a new one, and choose whatever gives you comfort and satisfaction.